Writing the computer first program in Python

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After setting up the editor the next step is to learn how to use the editor and write the first program. So let’s start.

Write a program to print your name using python

Thinking Procedure
  • As this is the first program, there should be a python executable file having a .py extension in which we have to write the piece of code. So the first step is to Making a .py file.
  • The program asks us to print something, means we have to use a tool/technique which can be helpful in printing.
Moving further

The tool/technique which we are going to use for printing is known as print() function in python which is an inbuilt function.

Let’s look into a piece of code,

# program to print the name --> comment statement 

print("My name is eduAlgo")

As it can be clearly seen in the above piece of code, it contains mainly three components,

  • A line starting with # which is an indicator that the line is a comment statement. A comment statement in programming is a statement which is not executed when the compiler finds a delimiter. In python the delimiter is #, also known as the octothorpe.

    Here it is # program to print the name

  • A print() function which is a basic in-built function of python that helps in printing something that’s passed into the (….) of the function. Technically this “something” is known as an object which we will be discussing in the later part of the book when we will study about OOP.

  • Finally here comes something in the format of “…….” , where we have passed a text saying My name is eduAlgo. In python this is known as a string.

    Strings are combination of characters that helps in using text type objects in programming. We will study an extensive topic on sting in our upcoming chapters.

Let’s now run the program, but here comes another study drill. As we are using VS Code and we have to write a python program.

Here are the steps,

  1. Create a new folder named Python_Programs.
  2. Open your VS Code from this folder.
  3. Create a file inside the folder by VS Code using the file creation option, let’s name the file as print_name.py.
  4. Now inside the editor our work is to write the code and save it by ctrl+s.
  5. Open up the terminal by using ctrl+`.
  6. Navigate to the target folder of yours by using the command cd <your_folder_name> in the terminal window. For example - cd Python_Programs
  7. Now execute the python program by using the command python print_name.py and you are done.

Congratulations on completing your first program !

Exercise your way out

Q - Create a folder named “My_Bio_Data” and create a file named “bio_data.py” inside it. Now your task is to print your bio data using print() function.

The bio data must contain the following,

  • Your name
  • Father’s name
  • Mother’s name
  • Date of birth
  • College/School/Company Name

Q - Write an essay on “Your favorite food” using python and print it to the terminal.

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