Escape Sequence in Python

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Escape Sequence Table

This \ (backslash) character encodes difficult-to-type characters into a string. There are various ”escape sequences” available for different characters you might want to use.

Let’s try it out,

# use of the '\n' aka the newline escape character
print("Ring the bell \nEnter the home")

# use of the '\t' aks the tab space escape character
print("We teach python \t we teach Machine Learning too")

# use of the '\b' aka the backspace escape characters
print("We promote opensource\b")

Ring the bell 
Enter the home
We teach python 	 we teach Machine Learning too
We promote opensourc

Exercise your way out

Q - Write your biodata, with every line in a new line with the help of “\n”.

Q - Make a table-like structure as shown below, using escape sequences and print() function.

Commodity name 		 Price(in Rs.)
Oil 			 	 40
Salt 			 	 10
Spices 			 	 100
Sugar 			 	 60
Vegetables 		 	 90

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