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Destructors are called when an object gets destroyed. In Python, destructors are not needed as much needed because Python has a garbage collector that handles memory management automatically. The__del__() method is a known as a destructor method in Python. It is called when all references to the object have been deleted i.e when an object is garbage collected.

def __del__(self):
  # body of destructor

Let’s use the keyword del and delete our book objects manually.

# defining the class
class Library:
    name = ""
    topic = ""
    author_name = ""
    ref_no = 0
    # defining a constructor
    def __init__(self,name,topic,author_name,ref_no): = name
        self.topic = topic
        self.author_name = author_name
        self.ref_no = ref_no
    # defining the member function
    def print_details(self):
        print(f"Name : {}")
        print(f"Topic : {self.topic}")
        print(f"Author : {self.author_name}")
        print(f"Ref. NO : {self.ref_no}",end="\n\n")
    def __del__(self):
        print(f"{self.ref_no} Destroyed")
# creating an object
book1 = Library("A beginner's guide to Python","Python","Abhijit Tripathy",1)
book2 = Library("Learning Python In a Practical Way","Python","Abhijit Tripathy",2)
book3 = Library("A beginner's guide to Machine Learning","Machine Learning","Abhijit Tripathy",3)

# printing the book details using the member function
del book1
del book2
del book3

Name : A beginner's guide to Python
Topic : Python
Author : Abhijit Tripathy
Ref. NO : 1

1 Destroyed
Name : Learning Python In a Practical Way
Topic : Python
Author : Abhijit Tripathy
Ref. NO : 2

2 Destroyed
Name : A beginner's guide to Machine Learning
Topic : Machine Learning
Author : Abhijit Tripathy
Ref. NO : 3

3 Destroyed
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