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Till now we have performed all the basic operations related to classes and objects like declaring member functions, accessing data members and member functions etc.

But, one thing if you have noticed is that, our Library class is not flexible, i.e. it contains only the data member for one book that we have declared. How to make it possible for the classes to hold data members and member functions for different book objects ?

In python and other programming languages, such limitations are covered up by something called as constructors.

Constructors are generally used for instantiating an object. The task of constructors is to initialize(assign values) to the data members of the class when an object of class is created. In Python the __init__() method is called the constructor and is always called when an object is created.

# syntax of the constructor
def __init__(self):
    # constructor body

Declaring constructor is just like declaring member functions in python, with one difference that the function name is fixed as __init__(). Let’s write the Library class code again by passing some parameters to the constructor.

# defining the class
class Library:
    name = ""
    topic = ""
    author_name = ""
    ref_no = 0
    # defining a constructor
    def __init__(self,name,topic,author_name,ref_no): = name
        self.topic = topic
        self.author_name = author_name
        self.ref_no = ref_no
    # defining the member function
    def print_details(self):
        print(f"Name : {}")
        print(f"Topic : {self.topic}")
        print(f"Author : {self.author_name}")
        print(f"Ref. NO : {self.ref_no}",end="\n\n")
# creating an object
book1 = Library("A beginner's guide to Python","Python","Abhijit Tripathy",1)
book2 = Library("Learning Python In a Practical Way","Python","Abhijit Tripathy",2)
book3 = Library("A beginner's guide to Machine Learning","Machine Learning","Abhijit Tripathy",3)

# printing the book details using the member function

Name : A beginner's guide to Python
Topic : Python
Author : Abhijit Tripathy
Ref. NO : 1

Name : Learning Python In a Practical Way
Topic : Python
Author : Abhijit Tripathy
Ref. NO : 2

Name : A beginner's guide to Machine Learning
Topic : Machine Learning
Author : Abhijit Tripathy
Ref. NO : 3

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