Certification (Git)

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Certification adds credential to your skills. Now a days, a lot of fraud companies are charging money for certifications without exams and proper assessments. We at Edualgo Academy are coming up with certification exams in order to maintain the authenticity.

Exam Details

  • Name - Git Certification Exam (With certificate)
  • Fee - INR 50 (with certificate softcopy)
  • Syllabus - Everything included in the self study corner for git on Edualgo Academy
  • Total Marks - 50
  • Mark Division - 30 marks(practical work), 20 marks(interview)
  • Passing Marks - 41+ (A grade), 35+ (B grade), less than 35(fail)

Exam Platform

  • Practical Work - Github
  • Interview - Google Meet (one-to-one 15 minute)

Certificate & Registration

To appear for the exam, please consider booking a slot with the exam fee.

Pay Exam Fees

We are here to help ! Be sure to check our website and don’t hesitate to ask any questions on our community platform. We provide personal mentoring and teaching too, in order to upgrade your skills. Vist www.edualgoacademy.com to get started.

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