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Edualgo Academy stands with an aim to change the rotten education system by providing the answer for “Why”. As a lifelong student, we should not be focusing on what is being forced upon us to do, rather than we should be free enough to think and innovate. As a startup our aim is simple enough to help everyone learning a new skill and build a better future.

Topics List

Sr No Topic Name Sub Topics Total Articles Total Students
1 Python Programming The first program, Numbers and Math, Variables and Printing, How to take inputs from the user, Conditional Statements, Operators In Python, Loops in Python, File handling in Python, Functions in python, OOP in Python, Encapsulation in Python, Inheritance in Python, Python Special Functions, Exception handling in Python, Python lists, Python tuples, Important methods in Python strings, Python sets, Python dictionary, Programming Problems(100+) 19 30
2 Git Version control system, states in Git, Getting a Git repository, Status in Git, Tracking in Git, Staging in Git, Ignoring in Git, Difference in Git, Commit in Git,Remove in Git,Moving Files in Git,Remote in Git, Creating a new branch, Switching branch, Mergning branch, cheatsheet 16 10
3 Relational Database Management System The Data Hierarchy    
4 Machine Learning Yet to come    
5 Algorithms Yet to come    
6 Django Yet to come    
7 Statistics Yet to come    
8 Computer Networks Yet to come    
9 Operating Systems Yet to come    

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